Final Fantasy XV A New Protagonist Trophy Guide

A New Protagonist Trophy Guide

A New Protagonist Trophy  – Earned the top ranking in the Friendly Match.  To get a high ranking is based on three criteria: Highest combo, Evasion, and Battle Time. For evasion, you will have to dodge pretty much every attack to get back the health lost. A high combo is more difficult since Noctis won’t allow too many hits to go unanswered. In the beginning you will have a good chance to get a nice combo in so pair this with a Total Clarity attack (flame daggers) to get an addition ~10+ hits.

Ignis has two techniques: Overclock and High Jump. Both have risks. High Jump can miss a lot and Overclock may not be as useful if applied to anything but fire daggers. Ultimately Overclock can be worth it since the counter attacks do more damage. Pay attention to which element has the green plus sign next to it.

Strategies & Tips

  • When Noctis warps atop the Gas Station rooftop, you can fight him there or recover health and charge your Clarity.
  • Noctis will sometimes hang on the billboard by the garage. Use this time to pull it down for a lot of damage.
  • When Noctis turns on Armiger Chain, you’ll need to hold down the dodge button. If you need use an item to heal, now would be a good time since you cannot be interrupted. Using a technique to kill time is also a good idea.
  • Noctis will use the Ring of Lucii at one point and you must attack him to get him to stop using it. The same goes if you see him begin to use any of his magic. This is a perfect time to hit him clean with Clarity.
  • Do not let your health drop below 50% of maximum HP. You will not be allowed to counter attack and replenish your health if it is too low, so use a Potion and remember to dodge/evade at the right time to regain lost health. If your maximum HP drops to 50%, use an Elixer.
  • If your maximum HP is close to 0, it might be better to let it drain out so you can use a Phoenix Down. This will give you the perk boost of rapidly gaining lost health for a short period.
  • If you’re having trouble and using up all your items, Ravus will drop in and try to help you out a bit. Use this time to keep distance and charge up and use your Clarity with the flame daggers.

The Gold trophy will unlock once you get the certificate of completion.  For more Final Fantasy XV content, check out the full Walkthrough of Episode Ignis.  You can also see the Final Fantasy XV Alternate Ending by completing Chapter 3, Verse 2 Possibilities.  Check back for future Final Fantasy XV DLC.

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