Final Fantasy XV Training with Aranea

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Intensive Training with Aranea

The Dragoonslayer – Completed Aranea’s intensive training. To unlock this trophy, you just gotta beat Aranea. There are weapons strewn around this area: a Rapidus SMG, Sagitta Rifle, and Alea Bazooka. Aranea’s weak-spot is her lance/spear.

If you can hit it with the Sagitta Rifle, she will turn vulnerable. I don’t bother with the Sagitta or the Bazooka because she is constantly rushing. Secondly, she does a maneuver flying through the air which is a chance for Prompto to make her vulnerable by shooting her out of the sky with the Rapidus SMG.

Use the surrounding barrels for damage, and when your have full meter, you can use the Trigger-Happy bullet art. When her life is low, she can turn rage mode on; which at that point you need to dodge a lot and hope for the technique meter to build to use Trigger-Happy again.

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