Final Fantasy XV Time Trials (Dogged Rider Trophy Video Guide)

Final Fantasy XV Time Trials Episode Prompto Gameplay Walkthrough

Dogged Rider – Earned the top ranking on all three Final Fantasy XV Time Trials courses. To unlock this trophy, players will need to get a certain time in each of the 3 time trials: Slippery Slalom, Avalanche Ambush, and Snowglide Run. It’s not that difficult — the key trick here is to press the acceleration button just before the horn during the countdown to get a speed boost from the starting line.

You can get three stars by getting better times than below:
0:00 – Slippery Slalom – (time to beat 1:12:02)
1:37 – Avalanche Ambush – (time to beat 1:26:94)
3:33 – Snowglide Run – (time to beat 1:16:13)

There are a lot of bumps in the slopes.  It’s best to slow down to avoid them than hitting one and turning the snowmobile around. Check out Aranea’s Intensive Training guide or where to locate the Kaiser Behemoth. The full Prompto DLC Walkthrough can be found here.


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