Game Accomplishments & Chronicle (Credentials)

“Be mindful in accepting the reviews or opinions of any person in game’s media or the gaming community without first checking their credentials.  If they are unskilled, inexperienced, or negligent in the fundamentals — then their opinions weigh very little.”


Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders (7h:00m) – Score: 5/10. Bought this game on the cheap during PSN January sale ($7).  The game has technical issues: framerate drops, lots of loading, and character movement is sluggish and slow.  The gameplay includes parts named: Observation, Thinking, & Reconstruction.  Puzzles themselves are decently crafted.  Character animations are flat; voice acting is serviceable. Missing two trophies but can’t be arsed to get them since there is no chapter select.  I do not recommend.


The Evil Within 2 (??:??) – Score 8.5/10. Better than the first game.  I really enjoyed the tone of this one — very similar to Silent Hill Downpour.  Story ramps up towards the end for a flourish.  Full Walkthrough completed with all sidequests done on NG+.  Recommended.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy (5h:20m) – Score: 8/10. Full Walkthrough with 100% collectibles including treasures, photos, conversations, and lock boxes.  This includes comprehensive knowledge of open-world area in Chapter 4, to avoid unnecessary refferal to in-game map.  Also charted convenient path to all Hoysala Tokens.  Moderate difficulty.  Gameplay encounters consisted of mostly stealth route.  Enjoyable return back to Uncharted.  Chloe is a great lead.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (4h:44m) – Score: 8/10.  First game with unique audio (binaural sound).  Gameplay is good, but could use more depth.  Good performances from actors, puzzles are fitting and good.  ⮱Mastery of combat mechanics and knowledge of how to solve puzzles.  Full Walkthrough with 100% lorestones collected for true ending (extended). Grade: S.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto DLC (1h:25m) – Score: 7/10.  A more touching side into Prompto’s background.  Enjoyable, but not really memorable.  Full Walkthrough of the DLC episode without HUD. Comprehensive knowledge of the entire episode and new gameplay mechanics for Prompto.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (55h:0m) – Score: 8.5/10.  A surprisingly refined new IP.  Fun and stylish gameplay.  Variety of weapons and dino enemies.  Fluid combat and movement animations with great visuals make it a treat to play and look at.  Story can drag in the audio log sections, but is good.  Aloy is a likeable protagonist.  Comprehension Walkthrough of all main and side missions.  Gameplay mastery. Grade: S.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (6h:00m) – Score: 9/10.  Good characters, story, environments (world-building).  A hit game with a fresh new first-person perspective for an IP that needed a change-up.  Recommended. Walkthrough on NG+ with shoes item (faster walk speed).  Grade: S.

Older stuff (to be expanded and updated):

Batman Arkham Knight – Score: 9/10.  full mastery of the game on the hardest difficulty, Nightmare without a single hit (except during Batmobile boss section).  Nightmare difficulty turns off counter indicators which means the player must rely heavily on gameplay experience to successfully counter.  Different types of enemies require different strategies. Enemy routes defined.  Not completely satisfied with lack of attack variety and flair in a few encounters; plan to redo some day.  Fantastic graphics and memorable soundtrack.  Character models are top-notch, gameplay is still fun and engaging.  Combat animations are fluid, varied, and emphatic.
Assassin’s Creed Unity – Score: 8.5/10. full mastery of the single-player campaign.  Replayed each mission repeatedly to note all enemy routes and knew the missions well enough to play them without the HUD for maximum viewing experience.  Beautiful looking game; best looking AC game to date.  Enjoyable story and characters.Splinter Cell Conviction – Score: 8.5/10.  Last game with Michael Ironside as voice of Sam Fisher.  Gameplay is fun and flashy, full of action.
Splinter Cell Blacklist