Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide & Roadmap (PS4)

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide (PS4)
Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide 00-1

Follow this Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide & Roadmap to help you get the Platinum and 100% Completion.  This guide assumes you have played through the game at least once, and know how to defeat the Colossi.  Part of the game is the discovery and problem-solving.  Secondly, there are unmarked spoilers in this guide. And finally, a thanks.

Current Status: 100%
Total Trophies
: 38
Trophy Difficulty: 2/5
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 / both Time Attacks / Stamina Grinding
100% Completion Time: 15 hours

Shadow of the Colossus Roadmap

If you are a die-hard veteran of SotC and want to reduce your 100% completion time, then you should begin the game on Hard difficulty.  The game is a lot easier than the PS3 version due to the faster response.  Jump stabs are much easier and quicker to pull off.  The trophies related to Hard difficulty are: Speed Demon and Sword of Her Majesty.  Also note the Last Man Standing trophy which requires you to complete a single playthrough without dying once.  You will need at least two playthroughs to since Time Attack is not unlocked until you’ve cleared the game.  Additional grinding will be required to maximize your health and stamina, in order to climb to the Secret Garden.  Refer to the map for the Seeking Salvation trophy.  This will save you a lot of time from backtracking.

If you are new to Shadow of the Colossus, this would be a general Roadmap:

  • Playthrough #1 – Complete the game through on Normal difficulty, to unlock Normal Time Attack (in New Game+).
  • Select ‘Continue’ on your save that should say “All Colossi Defeated”.  That should be New Game+ on Normal difficulty, to access the Normal Time Attack. Complete Normal Time Attack, to unlock all the Normal difficulty items. ¹
  • Start New Game+ on Hard difficulty, loading the NG+ save with your items from above. Complete the Hard Time Attack trials to unlock all the items.
  • Playthrough #2 – Start New Game+ on Hard to complete the game on Hard difficulty, loading the NG+ save with your items from above — with the Speed Demon trophy in mind.  You can use the Queen’s Sword and any other items you unlocked in Time Trials to make it easier and faster.  You want to start a NG+ and not continue from the Hard Time Attack for a fresh start.
  • Playthrough #3 – Start another New Game+ on Easy difficulty, loading the game save above.  Complete the game again to unlock the Gallery items.  The main goal here is to max out your stamina by defeating the Colossi.
  • Start New Game+ on Easy, loading the game save above.  Beat the first Colossus, and start a New Game+ on Easy, and beat him again.  Repeat this step 28 times in total, until maximum stamina.  It’s the fastest way to maximize your stamina; more information about that here.  You can climb the Secret Garden now, and get the last remaining trophies and Platinum.

¹ – You don’t need to complete the entire playthrough after you beat Time Attack.  You can just begin New Game+, loading the save that has the items unlocked.

Sort the table below by ‘OU’ to follow along the order unlocked.  Click on the trophy name to jump directly to the trophy description.  Show more entries to see more trophies, or click the Next.

1The Horned Boy - Acquired All TrophiesPlatinum Trophy Platinum383 or 4
2Speed King - Obtain All Time Attack items Together as One SetGold Trophy Gold292
3Intrepid Mortal - Max Out Wander's Health and Stamina BarsGold Trophy Gold353 or 4
4Speed Demon - Complete Hard Mode Under 5:41:28 sGold Trophy Gold281 or 2
5Grounded Scaler - Defeat Colossus 8 Before it can Turn Back OverGold Trophy Gold131
6Resist the Wrist - Defeat Colossus 3 Without Breaking His WristguardGold Trophy Gold61
7Reach the Gate - Cross the Bridge to the Entrance of the Forbidden LandsSilver Trophy Silver373 or 4
8Last Man Standing - Complete a Single Playthrough Without Dying OnceSilver Trophy Silver271
9Bearer of the Curse - Complete the Game on any DifficultySilver Trophy Silver261
10Dormin's Rage - Use Dormin's Breath AttackSilver Trophy Silver251
11Seeking Salvation - Pray at All ShrinesSilver Trophy Silver231
12Trick Rider - Perform All Stunts with AgroSilver Trophy Silver11
13Fruit of the Garden - Taste the Poisoned FruitSilver Trophy Silver363 or 4
14Sword of Her Majesty - Defeat any Colossus with Queen SwordBronze Trophy Bronze332
15Paint the Target - Use the Sword to Focus on a Vital PointBronze Trophy Bronze21
16Fruit of the Land - Eat a Piece of FruitBronze Trophy Bronze301 or 2
17Skilled Warrior - Defeat a Colossus with a Downward Jump StabBronze Trophy Bronze141
18The Past that Defines Thee - Defeat any Colossi While in Reminiscence ModeBronze Trophy Bronze41
19Five-Lined Skink - Collect a Silver Lizard TailBronze Trophy Bronze321 or 2
20Animals of the Land - Interact with a Dove, Hawk, Fish, and TurtleBronze Trophy Bronze341
21Boon of the Nomad - Find a Barrel in Hidden CaveBronze Trophy Bronze101
22Trick Arrow Skills - Shoot a Lizard with a Special ArrowBronze Trophy Bronze312
23Valley of the Wanderer - Defeat the 1st ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze31
24The Mammoth - Defeat the 2nd ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze51
25Wake the Knight - Defeat the 3rd ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze71
26Land of the Gravestones - Defeat the 4th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze81
27Riding the Wind - Defeat the 5th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze91
28Tomb of the Giant - Defeat the 6th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze111
29Waves of Lightning - Defeat the 7th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze121
30Scaler of the Colosseum - Defeat the 8th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze151
31Lurker of the Cave - Defeat the 9th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze161
32Mystery in the Sand - Defeat the 10th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze171
33Guardian and the Pit - Defeat the 11th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze181
34Thunder of the Lake - Defeat the 12th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze191
35Signs amidst the Storm - Defeat the 13th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze201
36Shield of the Colossus - Defeat the 14th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze211
37Valley of the Fallen - Defeat 15th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze221
38Last of the Colossus - Defeat 16th ColossusBronze Trophy Bronze241
Shadow of the Colossus Trophies for the PS4 include 38 total trophies with 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 7 Silver, and 25 Bronze. 'PT' stands for the playthrough that you should complete this, and 'OU' stands for the order in which the trophy should be unlocked. You can Sort the table by clicking on the column header.


Shadow of the Colossus Trophy PS4 01The Horned Boy Trophy – Acquired All Trophies

Obtain all the trophies.

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy PS4 02Speed King Trophy – Obtain All Time Attack items Together as One Set

Time Attack is unlocked after completing the game once (on Normal or Hard difficulty).  To begin Time Attack, kneel before any of the 16 Colossi statues in the tower.  Defeating the Colossi under the time conditions and you can unlock items.  Defeat all 16 on both Normal and Hard difficulty to unlock them all as one set.  To gather the items on both difficulties as one set, you must start a New Game+ and Load the gamesave that has the items saved on that file.  For example:

  1. Beat the game on Hard difficulty
  2. Start New Game+ on Hard difficulty.  Complete Hard Time Attack and unlock all the items.
  3. Start New Game+ on Normal difficulty, loading the save file that had the Hard Time Attack difficulty items.  Complete Normal Time Attack.

You don’t need to complete the entire playthrough of the game.  Once you’ve acquired the items, you can just begin a New Game+.  The Queen’s Sword is the reward for defeating all Colossi on Hard difficulty, and is related to another trophy.  Check out the related Colossi trophies below for video walkthroughs and tips.

Defeat 2 ColossiWhistling ArrowHarpoon of Thunder
Defeat 4 ColossiCloak of ForceSword of the Sun
Defeat 6 ColossiMask of StrengthShaman's Cloak
Defeat 8 ColossiLizard Detection Stone
Shaman's Mask
Defeat 10 ColossiWhite SteedFruit Tree Map
Defeat 12 ColossiMask of PowerCloth of Desperation
Defeat 14 ColossiCloak of DeceptionCursed Wander Skin
Defeat 16 ColossiFlash Arrow / Brown SteedQueen's Sword / Crested Agro

Intrepid Mortal Trophy – Max Out Wander’s Health and Stamina Bars

You collect fruit to increase Wander’s health.  You collect White Lizard tails to increase Stamina.  There are 128 pieces of fruit in the world, not counting the “forbidden” poisoned fruit in the Secret Garden.  You don’t want to eat the Poisoned Fruit since it decreases health.  There are 77 Lizard tails in total.  These numbers are for a single playthrough.  Defeating Colossi is also a fast way to level up your health & stamina.  If you start a New Game+, you can continue to build upon your health and stamina.  Fruit is found in hanging in trees, and Lizard’s must be attacked to remove their tail.  It is recommended that you unlock the Fruit Tree Map and Lizard Detection Stone items from the Time Attack Trials.

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide 03

Time Efficiency Analysis:

I crunched the numbers of the health and stamina gauge.  As you can see the 76 lizards I collected, paled in comparison to defeating 16 Colossi.  And it took longer (there are 77 total, but I blasted one off the cliff).  The fruit on the other hand, gives plenty of health gains.  In fact, I’m not even sure when I hit the maximum, because I wasn’t paying attention to the health bar progress.  Which means you don’t necessarily need 128 fruit to max health.  So yes, the Lizards in this game are worthless.  7.79 lizards equal 1 Colossi.  Just kill the one to unlock the related trophy.

So our focus is more on the stamina, which will take longer to maximize.  In the Roadmap, I recommended a third playthrough on Easy to unlock the Gallery items.  If you don’t care for that, you can just simply grind Colossus 1, save & exit to Main Menu, and start a New Game+ again.  Why Colossus 1?  Because from start to finish, skipping cutscenes, it will take only 4 minutes.  If you grind Colossus 1 sixteen times, it is much quicker than a full playthrough, even on Easy and the Queen’s Sword.

In total, the maximum stamina requires 76 total Colossi.  They must be defeated from the story; Time Attack and Reminiscence defeats don’t contribute.  Difficulty does not matter.  The trophy unlocks immediately when you’ve defeated the Colossi, while the dark mist swarms into Wander.

Speed Demon Trophy – Complete Hard Mode Under 5:41:28 s

You need to know the path to each of the Colossi, and how to defeat them in the shortest manner.  I was going to provide time checkpoints after each Colossi, but I completed it AND prayed at all the Shrines and it only took me 3 hours and 25 minutes.  As long as you don’t mess around, you should get this easy.  In this PS4 version, the Colossi are easier to beat than the PS3 version.  This trophy unlocked at the very end, after the end credits.  Here is a map to all the Colossi to help speed you on your way.

Reveal Map

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide 01

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy PS4 05Grounded Scaler Trophy – Defeat Colossus 8 Before it can Turn Back Over

This is the Lizard Colossus that climbs the coliseum walls.  Shoot two of it’s feet so it falls to expose it’s underbelly, and jump stab it before it turns over.  It has two Vital Points on Normal and Hard.  Keep in mind, it might not be possible to defeat it on Hard without it turning over.  The Colossi on Hard difficulty take a certain damage limit before recovering.  Check out this video that unlocks the trophy in Normal Time Attack.

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy PS4 06Resist the Wrist Trophy – Defeat Colossus 3 Without Breaking His Wristguard

Run towards the Colossus and stop a certain distance to make it attack Wander with the sword.  Dodge the attack, and climb up the sword and hang on the sword edge.  As the Colossus brings back it’s arm, wait for a minor shake and then climb up facing the arm.  Time your jump as the Colossus bends over, and you can jump up on the wristguard.  You can then climb to the head and destroy a Vital Point.  Then fall down to it’s front stomach area and destroy the last Vital Point.  Watch the video below for more help.

Reach the Gate Trophy – Cross the Bridge to the Entrance of the Forbidden Lands

This is probably your last trophy you unlock.  You will need near maximum stamina to climb the Secret Garden.  Once you’ve climbed the Secret Garden, you’ll see a bridge extending from the tower northward.  Follow this bridge all the way to it’s end to reach the gate.  Check the video below to find out what happens.

Show Secret Garden Video

Show Escape Video


Last Man Standing Trophy – Complete a Single Playthrough Without Dying Once

This is best done on Normal or Easy difficulty.  But it’s not that hard after you’ve done some Time Trials to unlock items, like the all powerful Queen’s Sword.  New Game+ will also carry over your stamina and health making it much easier.

Bearer of the Curse Trophy – Complete the Game on any Difficulty

Complete the Game on any Difficulty.  This trophy is unlocked at the very end, after the end credits.

Dormin’s Rage Trophy – Use Dormin’s Breath Attack

This is during the ending sequence after defeating the 16th Colossus.  You will have control over a large misty black Colossus of the combined sixteen you defeated.  To use Dormin’s Breath Attack, use what button is normally assigned to calling for your horse, Agro.

Seeking Salvation Trophy – Pray at All Shrines

There are 25 Shrines to be found.  24 of them can be located right away, but 1 of them is locked away until you’ve defeated 15 of the Colossi to unlock the pathway to the 16th.  Here is a map attached to show an order to follow as you play.  It will help cut down on the backtracking.  Press the Action or Grip button to pray, depending on your control scheme.

NOTE: Before activating Colossus 10, make sure to get Shrine 13 and 14.  After you beat Colossus 10 you are transported back to the tower (Shrine of Worship).  You can get beyond the cave by staying close to the wall perimeter.  Don’t get near the sunlight in the center area of the cave.

Reveal Map

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide 02

Trick Rider Trophy – Perform All Stunts with Agro

You can do this immediately when you begin the game.  The buttons are different depending on the control scheme.  You need to do the following tricks:

  1. Quick Start – From a standstill, press Back on the Move analog + Call Horse.
  2. Hang Left – While riding, hold the Grip button + Jump button + Move Left analog.
  3. Hang Right – While riding, hold the Grip button + Jump button + Move Right analog.
  4. Stand and Ride – While riding, hold the Grip button + Move Up analog.
  5. Quick Turn – While riding, press Move Back + Call Horse, twice.
  6. Agro Jump – While riding over a small hill, Agro will automatically jump.  You will have to direct the horse since Agro will want to stay on the main trails.
  7. Quick Stop – While riding, press Move Back + Call Horse, once.
  8. Jump from Agro – While riding, press the Jump button.

Holding the Grip button while riding actually counts as a stunt, but you do this automatically everytime you Hang Left/Right.

Fruit of the Garden Trophy – Taste the Poisoned Fruit

The Poisoned Fruit is located on the Secret Garden atop the tower Shrine of Worship which houses Mono (the sleeping girl).  To get to the top, you will need very high stamina, which you get from collecting Silver Lizard tails and beating Colossi.  The beginning of the ascent to the top starts on the Northeast corner of the structure.  You will find some vines growing along the side, which you need to climb to the top.

Sword of Her Majesty Trophy – Defeat any Colossus with Queen Sword

The Queen Sword is unlocked after defeating all 16 Colossi in Time Attack on Hard difficulty.  Time Attack is unlocked after completing the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.  Collect the sword from the fountain in the temple and equip it via the Item menu from the Map screen.  This trophy might be glitched if you finish a Colossus with a Jump Stab, so stick with Charged Stabs only and it should unlock.

Paint the Target Trophy – Use the Sword to Focus on a Vital Point

Aim the sword at any Colossus and as the beam of light merges into one stream, it narrows in on a vital point.  Refer to your control scheme as to which button (aim or action).

Fruit of the Land Trophy – Eat a Piece of Fruit

Fruit can be found in hanging in trees all across the land.  I suggest completing the game once to unlock Time Attack and completing it.  One of the key rewards is a Fruit Tree Map that shows all fruit on the world map.  I wouldn’t worry too much about the fruit until after you have maxed out your stamina.  Just find the first one nearby South of the tower.

Skilled Warrior Trophy – Defeat a Colossus with a Downward Jump Stab

Just as the description says, you ‘Jump’ and hold ‘Grab’ + ‘Attack’ with your sword equipped to do a Downward Jump Stab.  Do this on a Vital Point on a Colossus to finish it.  It can only be done to Vital Points that are parallel to the ground.  Make sure to get rid of any other Vital Points first.  This one is pretty easy on Colossus 8.

The Past that Defines Thee Trophy – Defeat any Colossi While in Reminiscence Mode

If you return to area where you previously defeated a Colossus, you can pray at the rubble of their remains to enter the fight again in Reminiscence Mode.

Five-Lined Skink Trophy – Collect a Silver Lizard Tail

There are two types of Lizards found in the world: 1) completely black-colored and 2) black with white/neon-green tails.  The white-tailed Lizards (called Silver, I guess) are usually found nearby Save Shrines.  Attack the lizard with your sword and you cut off it’s tail to collect.  Press ‘Grab’ to pick it up.  White tails increase your stamina gauge.  A reward for completing the Time Trials includes a Lizard Detection Stone which will show you the Silver Lizards in the nearby area.  The explosive Flash Arrow also helps kill them, instead of stunning them.

Animals of the Land Trophy – Interact with a Dove, Hawk, Fish, and Turtle

Doves can be found right in the temple altar, nearby the sleeping girl Mono, when you have returned after defeating a Colossus.  The more Colossi you defeat, the more doves will appear.  A fish can be found in G6, in the waters before Colossus 8. or C3 on your map.  A Hawk can be found in grid D5 on your map near a Shrine, or B5.  A turtle can be found at G8.  To interact with them, simple grab them.  Doves you will need to sneak up on.  For the turtle, you just need to put it under your foot or stomp him into the mud.

Boon of the Nomad Trophy – Find a Barrel in Hidden Cave

The Hidden Cave can be found at E5 region on your map.  It is in the forest area that you first enter for Colossus 6.  Refer to the video guide below for more specific directions.

Trick Arrow Skills Trophy – Shoot a Lizard with a Special Arrow

The Special Arrow is a reward unlocked from Time Attack Trials.  You get the Whistling Arrow for defeating 2 Colossi on Normal Time Attack.  You get the better Flash Arrow for defeating 16 on Normal.  Toggle your ranged weapon for the Special Arrow and find a Lizard to kill.

Valley of the Wanderer Trophy – Defeat the 1st Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point on Crown (top of head).
Strategy: Whistle immediately to stop the Colossus.  Jump on calf (left side) and stab twice.  Wait for the Colossus to kneel. The cutscene will occur, begin running immediately towards the head, jumping to avoid tripping.  Jump and grab during the cutscene on the beard of the Colossus.  Camera will switch back and then you can climb atop it’s head.  Jump stab is safe here.  Recover stamina on upper back.
Hard: +1 Vital Point on Right Arm (back). Do the same as on Normal.  Recover 100% stamina, then fall down towards Vital Point.  Final attack should not require stamina recovery.

 The Mammoth Trophy – Defeat the 2nd Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: on Head, and on Tail end.
Strategy: Shoot arrow at front left foot bottom.  Climb up to head Vital Point. Then back to tail Vital Point. Head: Position yourself at the top near the back of the head.  It’s difficult to do jump stabs with this vital point, so beware of the risk.
Hard: +1 Vital Point on the Left Side.  Finish this one first, before going for the VP on the head or tail.  Position yourself on the back area of the front left leg and jump off as it gets up to get into position.

Wake the Knight Trophy – Defeat the 3rd Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: Head and Stomach.
Strategy: The normal method to tackle this Colossus is destroying the wristguard by making it attack the circular pad.  If you want to jump the wristguard completely (and earn a Gold trophy), you will need to do the following:

  1. Let it attack you with it’s sword.  Then climb up on the edge and grab here.
  2. Maintain your grip on the edge until a point where the sword is back in position.  Wait out a minor shake.
  3. After the shake, climb up on the sword and face the arm.  At the right moment, you’ll need to jump while the Colossus is bending downwards.
  4. This should propel you up and beyond the wristguard.  He’ll do this twice, so you get two chances.

You can then take on either Vital Point, but I recommend the one on the stomach first.  The head VP takes about 5 charged stabs to erase.  Don’t do more than 3 full stabs in a row.  You must retreat or else the Colossus will waste your time with the shaking animation.  The Colossus will take 5-6 steps and then the game will perform a check.  The check will be on what location Wander is at.  If you are on the back, the Colossus will perform a shake motion.  If you are on the shoulder, it will bend downwards.  You want to be on the shoulder area.
Hard: +1 Vital Point: Left Arm (back).   After the head VP, remain on the shoulder area until the Colossus bends over again.  This is your chance to attack the Left Arm.  You should be able to destroy it without having to recharge your stamina.

Land of the Gravestones Trophy – Defeat the 4th Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point: Head.
Strategy: Take Agro to the farthest bunker and immediately go under.  Run to the opposite end bunker (the one closest to the Colossus at the start).  Stay underground, but wait about 30 seconds.  The running time should be about 1 minute after the waiting.  Exit the bunker and the Colossus should be trying to find you.  You can run up and wait to climb it.  You can scale the back or the head chains.  Attack the back of the neck area twice to make the head dip.  Jump stabs are super risky on the head area, because the Colossus likes to dip and move the head side to side suddenly.
Hard: +2 Vital Points on shoulders (one each).  Attack these first to get rid of them before the VP on the head.  Each point should be about 15% health; both will take off about 30%.  Jump stabs are near impossible due to the slant of their placement.  Maintain your grip closest to the body.  If you grip the bony structure on the legs, you may never be able to get back up.  The Colossus will interrupt you too often.

Riding the Wind Trophy – Defeat the 5th Colossus

Normal: 3 Vital Points.  1 on each Wing, 1 on Tail end.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.  You may not have enough Stamina to destroy one Vital Point on a wing.  Keep in mind the Colossus will fly upside down after every stab, so you must make sure you have enough stamina reserves to maintain the grip.  Do not be afraid to return to the Colossus’ back to regain stamina, which is better than falling off into the water.  Don’t think about doing any jump stabs on this one unless you want the air resistance to lift you up and away off the Colossus.

Tomb of the Giant Trophy – Defeat the 6th Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: Head, and lower Back (left).
Strategy: Climb up the first barrier wall and wait.  As the Colossus is swinging, jump and press grab.  Jump on his beard, then immediately move to the side and up to grip the hair on shoulders.  Jump stab Head, then lower Back.
Hard: +1 Vital Point: Left Fist.   Same strategy as Normal but you should try to jump on the shoulder hair.  Climbing the beard takes too long.  You need 4 jump stabs and the head vital point is gone.  The lower Back is not so easy, and you may need to climb to recover stamina.  After the Back VP is done, drop down and run to the alcove at the far end.  Get it to look, and jump stab the Left Fist. You don’t have a chance to do charged stabs since it will shake you away.  Try to angle your jump away from the bracelet, or else you might grab onto it instead.

Waves of Lightning Trophy – Defeat the 7th Colossus

Normal:  1 Vital Point: Head.
Strategy: The fastest way to get to this Colossus to notice you is to get within close distance, dive and stay in place.  It needs some distance to decide to breach the water so  you can grab on.  Remember to maintain your grip while underwater, or else you will get swept back.
Hard:  Same on Hard as on Normal.  Get past the electric spike areas just as on normal difficulty.  When you approach the head, remember that you cannot jump stab it.  It will duck it’s head underwater, forcing you back.  Use basic charge attacks while anticipating it going underwater.  You will not get full charged stabs, and may have to catch the Colossus again when the music changes.

Scaler of the Colosseum Trophy – Defeat the 8th Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: Both on under body, 1 in mid-section, 1 by tail.  Coliseum Lizard.
Strategy: Whistle to draw the Colossus to the higher floors.  Go down some floors and shoot arrows at two of the legs.  It falls, and you Jump stab it.  Don’t get killed by rollover.
Hard:  Same on Hard as on Normal, just have to damage it more.  It seems that it there is a limit to how much damage you can do before it gets up again.

Lurker of the Cave Trophy – Defeat the 9th Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point: On Head.
Strategy: Lure it over to a geyser spout.  Shoot the two green-glowing feet when it gets lifted.  Climb on it’s stomach, and it flips over.   Stab it’s Head.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.

Mystery in the Sand Trophy – Defeat the 10th Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: 1 on tail end, and 1 in mid-section.
Strategy: Let it chase you while on Agro.  Shoot an arrow at it’s eye when you see it.  Once it hits the wall, there is your chance.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.  You just have to ride Agro faster or it will catch up to you and make collision.  The mid-section VP is the harder one.  If you can time the sways, you can hit it right in the middle every time, just like in the video.  Start with the mid-section VP first.  If you are quick, you can perform a jump stab on the tail VP as it escapes into the sand.

Guardian and the Pit Trophy – Defeat the 11th Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point: Back.
Strategy: Dodge the first attack, and climb any of the fire receptacles on the side walls.  You want the Colossus to attack it so you can retrieve a torch stick.  Grab the stick and climb back up sides again to strike the fire.  Corral the Colossus off the ledge, and then here is the most important step.  The way you land on the back of the Colossus determines whether it will buck you all the way back to the original starting point, or allow you to charge stab it without interruption.  If you jump from the position in the video and land straight, you’ll get a fast time.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.

Thunder of the Lake Trophy – Defeat the 12th Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point: Stomach.
Strategy: Swim around to it’s back and climb up.  You want to reach the Colossus’ head.  Attack the teeth-like protrusions on it’s head with your sword.  Direct it nearby one of the three structures in the watery arena.  Once close, jump off onto it.  Hide behind cover, and wait until the Colossus rears up on the platform.  It exposes the Vital Point on it’s Stomach.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.  The Colossus will shoot it’s lasers faster when you jump off it’s head onto a structure.  Don’t roll for cover unless you are sure you will not be exposed.

Signs amidst the Storm Trophy – Defeat the 13th Colossus

Normal: 3 Vital Points.  Each one is underneath a flap, spread evenly on the length of it’s body.
Strategy: Shoot the three sacs on it’s body with arrows.  Jump on it’s wings, as it brings them down to the sand.  Aim the jump ahead of the wing for precision.  After some time, it will head into the sand, and you will have to redo the same process over.  However, can save some time by jumping off, after you’ve taken out one Vital Point.  When you jump off, sacs will regenerate.  You can then shoot them again, and then destroy the remaining two VPs.  This strategy does not work on Hard, since the Colossus dives after taking a certain amount of damage.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.

Shield of the Colossus Trophy – Defeat the 14th Colossus

Normal: 1 Vital Point: on Back.
Strategy: Jump on the columns; make the Colossus knock down the Columns into the next area.  Repeat until the very end where the wall crumbles.  Whistle to make the platform crumble on the Colossus revealing the Vital Point.  Jump stab the Colossus from a fallen column nearby.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.

Valley of the Fallen Trophy – Defeat 15th Colossus

Normal: 2 Vital Points: 1 on Head, 1 on Right Palm.
Strategy: Lure the Colossus to the sides, and have it stomp on the extending platforms.  Use them to climb up.  Lure the Colossus over to the stepping stones, and make it attack.  Some more stepping stones will drop, and then you climb these.  Then make it destroy any of the extending bridges, so you can jump atop it’s head.  There is a weak spot behind it’s Right Arm that if you attack, will make it drop it’s sword to reveal the other Vital Point.
Hard:  +1 Vital Point on Chest (left side).  Try to make the Colossus drop it’s sword first, before you go for this VP.  If you happen to run out of stamina and fall, you can still at least take care of the Vital Point on it’s Right Palm before climbing again.

Last of the Colossus Trophy – Defeat 16th Colossus

Normal:1 Vital Point: Head.
Strategy: Follow the barriers to find underground paths to reach the Colossus.  There is one shortcut on the second set of barriers, but you need to time it right.  At the second set of barriers, stay behind the first barrier wall.  Let the Colossus shoot one or two blasts, then run for the 2nd barrier wall.  It will make him shoot more energy blasts.  In cover behind the 2nd barrier wall, make a dash towards the Colossus.  There is an underground tunnel up ahead.  If all goes correctly, the Colossus won’t fire any blasts for a short while.  Check the video guide for how it’s done.
Hard: Same on Hard as on Normal.  The energy attacks do more damage, and come out faster.


This completes the Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide for the PS4.  Check back later for a guide for the PS3 version.  If you liked this guide and found it helpful, please share it.  It helps me make more.  Contact me at my twitter and subscribe to my youtube channel.


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