Final Fantasy XV Alternate Ending Cutscene

Final Fantasy XV Alternate Ending Cinematic Cutscene. This is the Alternate Ending cutscene to Final Fantasy XV unlocked in Episode Ignis Chapter 3, Verse 2, played on the PS4 Pro in 60fps, also available on PC, Xbox One X.

Having arrived at the Altar of the Tidemother, Ignis finds himself surrounded by the empire. Ardyn then lays before him two options: come along to Niflheim, or get swept beneath the waves. What sacrifice is the young tactician willing to make to save his dear friend Noctis?

Final Fantasy XV Alternate Ending

Chapter 3. The start of where the story diverges is when Ignis chooses to play along with Ardyn, who will transport him to Zegnautus Keep, where the Crystal resides. Ignis finds out who Ardyn truly is and his motive. Ignis will battle him using the Ring of Lucii which he pocketed at the Altar. He fails as the magic in the ring is exhausted, and you have three choices here.

1) Give Up – which gives you a Game Over screen.
2) Risk my Life – which just repeats the previous battle, but ultimately ends the same way
3) Sacrifice my Life – which unlocks the true potential of the ring, increase the damage multiplier limit from x10 to x100

Ignis defeats him (but not finally, since Ardyn is immortal), but will soon die. Noctis and crew are able to get to Zegnautus Keep via the aid of Ravus. Noctis uses the ring and Crystal to heal Ignis including restoring his eyesight. During the ending credits, it shows scenes and events with the party since Noctis went into the Crystal early. He still returns later in Chapter 14, but this time Ravus is alive to greet them before the final battle.

At the end when Ignis comes to greet Noctis on the throne, there is no audio of what Ignis says, but you can read lips you can see he mouths: “Your majesty.”

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